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Sprinkler System Backed Up with Mud in Commercial Space

When you call on your local SERVPRO franchise with a Commercial water loss, you receive the benefit of combined local support as well as access to a nationwide network of technicians through the SERVPRO Emergency Response Team for any big catastrophic event. No matter the size of your Commercial loss, call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz right away, (831) 457-1997.

Storms and the unpredictable damage they cause!

Living in California and being exposed to all the different elements, with Nature at it's finest is one of the reasons we all live pretty aware and prepared for anything.  When it comes to storms and the unpredictability here at SERVPRO we are prepared for anything, water, fire, mold, bio cleanings. When you encounter anything like this give us a call, our trained technicians are ready to help!

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz 831-457-1997

When storms are so severe that you start to see little trickles of water coming in to your home

When storms are so severe that you start to see little trickles of water coming in as little intruders from your skylight, then you become aware that little water can cause severe damage to a property if left untreated. When you call our office, our trained staff will collect details to dispatch a tech to your home to assess damages and start any necessary emergency services. Please give us a call SERVPRO we are here to help 831-457-1997

Work does not need to be boring!

At SERVPRO, work can be rewarding and exhilarating all while serving your community in need. Our techs get trained and certified to assist in all kinds of disaster cleaning situations.

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz is hiring now - Apply Today!

(831) 457-1997

We are Here To Help!

When our SERVPRO team responds to a water damage our goal is to not only dry the affected area but also assess for any additional damages, we are there to extract water, install drying equipment and perform immediate removals if feasible.  Taking that initial action and contacting us once the water source has been shut off or repaired will likely alleviate additional structural damages.

Call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz (831)457-1997

Emergency Deep Cleaning of Vehicles

Did you know that SERVPRO can assist in more than just structure cleanings? Our highly skilled technicians are also trained in various emergency deep cleanings of vehicles. Biohazard cleanings, odor removals, or mold remediations – SERVPRO of Santa Cruz can help get your vehicle back on the road in tip top shape! Call our office today, (831) 457-1997!

Falling Trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains

The beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains have luscious foliage and grand redwoods, but they are also associated with the risk of falling trees during the stormy seasons. Here you can see the aftermath of a tree limb crashing through this poor home’s roof. Have SERVPRO of Santa Cruz on speed dial during the stormy months to help with your property damage! (831) 457-1997.

Santa Cruz Muddy Mess

Who do you call if you're contacted by the Fire Department at 2:00 am with news that the sprinkler system at your business erupted, spewing contaminated water and mud throughout your entire office building?

SERVPRO is who you call!

Our trained On-Call staff accept emergency calls day or night and are ready to assist our community in need! Call SERVPRO today, (831) 457-1997!

Remember to Turn Off Your Appliances to Avoid Fire Damage

A fire can leap into your life unexpectedly. Avoid disasters by ensuring to turn off your appliances after cooking. This Santa Cruz County property suffered tragic property damage due to a gas stove being accidentally left on overnight.

You Can’t Ignore Mold!

Here you can see the terribly hazardous conditions that can develop in an environment high in moisture and temperature. This Santa Cruz County property suffered property damage due to a sink’s hot water line left running for an extensive period of time.

Protect Yourself Against Soot Damage

The soot damage that lingers after a fire can cause health effects. It is important to know, if your property has suffered a fire damage, protect your respiratory health and wear a mask (preferably a N95) if you need to enter into the property. Call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz to assist in your fire loss today, (831) 457-1997.

Devastating Fire Loss

Fire can happen to anyone at any time. Though there are precautions you can take to minimize the risk of unwanted flames, accidents do happen. If you’ve suffered a fire loss, call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz to assist you today, (831) 457-1997.

Getting the Job Done with SERVPRO!

Is there anything our SERVPRO Heroes can’t do?! From water extractions, crawlspace inspections, biohazard cleanings, debris hauling, mold remediation, vandalism boards, fire restorations…the list goes on and on! If you need assistance with your property damage, we’re the right company to call! SERVPRO of Santa Cruz, (831) 457-1997.

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz - Stopping Mold One House at a Time!

When a water leak is left unaddressed and unmitigated, tiny microbial spores begin to populate and migrate eventually becoming airborne to continue colonization. Mold only takes 24 hours to incubate; therefore it is very important to treat a water leak with such care and effectiveness to avoid secondary damages like mold. Taking immediate action and calling SERVPRO of Santa Cruz should be top priority when dealing with a water leak. When you allow our professional SERVPRO technicians into your home to assess damages, they will act on their trained eyes, experience and knowledge to care for your home. Call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz today, (831) 457-1997!

SERVPRO Heroes Available 24/7

Being a SERVPRO technician is no simple task! Here you can see our technicians diligently removing a damaged washing machine from a rural property affected by a wildfire.  With the property’s limited access points, our SERVPRO of Santa Cruz employees worked hard to move this washing machine the only way possible – through some rough terrain! Proof of our strong commitment to helping our customers in need.

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz – Ready for your Biohazard and COVID Cleaning Needs

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz – Your local trusted disinfectant and sanitation team! No job is too big or too small. If you have a “dirty” job requiring a certified professional, call our office today! SERVPRO of Santa Cruz (831) 457-1997.

Stay Safe with SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz heroes disinfect all types of environments potentially affected by the COVID-19 virus to ensure the health and safety of our community. Leaving no area untreated, you can feel confident once our team completes a thorough cleaning at your home or business.

Apartment Fire in Santa Cruz, CA

This was the devastating outcome of an apartment fire in Santa Cruz when we arrived on scene. The cause of loss was unfortunately due to an unattended candle. This fire was considered a total loss of multiple units. Thankfully, tenants were unharmed.

The Production Crew

The Production team at SERVPRO of Santa Cruz is your one stop call for all your emergency Water, Fire and Mold restoration needs. The crew combines for over 50 years of emergency services in the community. We are here to make it "Like it never even happened" 

SERVPRO Santa Cruz emergency professionals respond to the Tesla R&D facility in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley: When a fire main pipe ruptured and released water for 35 minutes into the show room, office facilities and warehouse of the TESLA R&D facility, the worlds most technically advanced electric car brand called the emergency professionals of SERVPRO of Santa Cruz to mitigate the damage and get the facility back in working order for business ASAP. SERVPRO came in, blitzed the job, and business resumed for Tesla....

"Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz for Bio Hazard clean up needs

They have our back, and we have theirs. SERVPRO of Santa Cruz does regular bio clean up maintenance on the police, sheriff, and government vehicles throughout the country and we are proud to do it. call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz for your Bio Hazard clean up needs. 

Emergency Water Loss at Silicon Valley Hotel

When a main hot water pipe located in the elevator shaft on the 3rd floor ruptured and caused water damage to 3 floors, multiple rooms and hallways to this high profile Santa Clara 4 star hotel  they called the emergency professionals at SERVPRO of Santa Cruz to mitigate the damage and get business back running as fast as possible. We make disasters "Like it never even happened"