Water Damage Photo Gallery

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When our SERVPRO team responds to a water damage our goal is to not only dry the affected area but also assess for any additional damages, we are there to extract water, install drying equipment and perform immediate removals if feasible.  Taking that initial action and contacting us once the water source has been shut off or repaired will likely alleviate additional structural damages.

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You Can’t Ignore Mold!

Here you can see the terribly hazardous conditions that can develop in an environment high in moisture and temperature. This Santa Cruz County property suffered property damage due to a sink’s hot water line left running for an extensive period of time.

SERVPRO of Santa Cruz - Stopping Mold One House at a Time!

When a water leak is left unaddressed and unmitigated, tiny microbial spores begin to populate and migrate eventually becoming airborne to continue colonization. Mold only takes 24 hours to incubate; therefore it is very important to treat a water leak with such care and effectiveness to avoid secondary damages like mold. Taking immediate action and calling SERVPRO of Santa Cruz should be top priority when dealing with a water leak. When you allow our professional SERVPRO technicians into your home to assess damages, they will act on their trained eyes, experience and knowledge to care for your home. Call SERVPRO of Santa Cruz today, (831) 457-1997!

SERVPRO Santa Cruz emergency professionals respond to the Tesla R&D facility in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley: When a fire main pipe ruptured and released water for 35 minutes into the show room, office facilities and warehouse of the TESLA R&D facility, the worlds most technically advanced electric car brand called the emergency professionals of SERVPRO of Santa Cruz to mitigate the damage and get the facility back in working order for business ASAP. SERVPRO came in, blitzed the job, and business resumed for Tesla....

"Like it never even happened."